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Rates & Fees

Savings Account Rates

Account TypeDividend RateAPY*
Prime Savings0.15%0.15%
Custom Savings0.15%0.15%
Monty Moose0.15%0.15%
Christmas Club0.15%0.15%
Super Saver0.40%0.40%
Health Savings Account (HSA)0.15%0.15%
HSA Super Saver0.40%0.40%

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. All rates are subject to change without notice.

†When qualification requirements are met

Loan Calculator

Format: 12M, 36M, 3Y, 7Y

More Info

To open any type of HSA with us, you’ll need to be on a high deductible health plan (HDHP). You can check on the updated contribution amounts each year right here.

A HSA can grow tax-free. But if your money is being added directly through a payroll, it may already be taxed. In that case, you may want to try filing a claim for it on your annual taxes.

There are three types of HSA Accounts.

HSA Checking Account: You’ll need to have this as your primary HSA, even if you choose to open a club or a CD. This account is what you use to pay the bills for qualified medical expenses, and it includes a debit card so you can do so conveniently.

HSA Club Account:  If you’re healthy and don’t use your HSA funds often, you may want to move most of them to your HSA Club Account, so you can earn more in dividends. Contact us and we can help you transfer the funds.

HSA Certificate of Deposit (CD): This account earns the highest rate of dividends. It’s ideal for members who have several thousands of dollars in their HSA accounts and feel safe setting some aside in a CD. Remember, if you withdraw money invested in a CD before the maturity date, you’ll have to pay a penalty.

Only authorized signers can be on these accounts, NOT joint owners or beneficiaries.

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