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VISA® Credit / Visa ® Debit Card Fees

Credit Cards
Expedited CardFee Varies
Copy of Sales Draft$5
Late Charge (over 30 days)$20
Copy of Credit Card Statement$2
Returned Check$25
Lost/Stolen Card - Reorder Fee (Effective 03/01/2024)$10 per card
Debit Cards
Expedited CardFee Varies
Copy of Sales Draft$5
Credit Union-Owned & SurF ATMsFREE
Point-of-Sale TransactionsFREE
Non-Propietary ATM Transactions* (Includes withdrawals, transfers, inquiries, and denials) 2 FREE per month; $1 thereafter
Negative Transactions $25 per item
Lost/Stolen Card - Reorder Fee$10 per card

*Fees may be imposed by the host financial institution/company

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I had my debit card issued during my lunch break—it was super-quick. Your staff was helpful and awesome. It's so nice to not have to wait a week or more to get your debit card! Cassidy J., member since 1988