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We can be creative and flexible with our loans because (1) we’re an SBA Preferred Lender, (2) we offer FAME, and (3) we make the whole experience fast and painless:

We are an SBA (Small Business Administration) Preferred Lender. Unlike the big banks, we’re excited about working with small businesses. We have a special interest in providing small businesses loans and helping them grow. We applied to join the SBA’s network and we’ve been screened, evaluated, and stamped with the SBA’s approval.

We offer FAME (Finance Authority of Maine) guaranteed loans, specializing in the 3Fs: Forestry, Fishing, and Farming. This initiative’s goal is to provide access to capital so you can leverage Maine’s natural resources. This program provides subordinate (gap) financing to assist new entrants, and/or existing companies undertaking a project to materially expand their operations in the forestry, fishing, and farming industries.

We make the whole experience fast and painless. Our experienced staff often makes decisions within 48 hours. All of our loans are managed in-house, and you can set up automatic, recurring payments through our online banking portal.

Download a copy of our Business Services brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is a credit score calculated?

    Credit scores are calculated using many different pieces of credit data in your credit report.

    Payment History: 40% of your score is payment history – a snapshot of how well you’ve paid your bills on time. Consistently paying your bills on time is important.

    Credit Usage: 23% of your credit score is based on the amount of credit used out of the total credit available. Experts recommend using less than 30% of your total credit.

    Credit Age: 21% of your score is credit age. The longer your credit history, the better.

    Account Mix: 11% of your score is based on revolving credit (credit cards) and installment accounts (student loans, auto loans, mortgage).

    Inquiries: 5% of your score comes from “hard” inquiries, such as when you apply for a loan or credit card.

  • How do I make a loan payment?

    We have many ways available to accept a payment on your Acadia FCU loan. Check this page for all the details!

  • Can borrowers use their savings or share certificate balances as collateral for a loan?

    Yes – a share-secured loan lets you borrow money using a savings account, a share certificate (also known as a CD in the banking world), Acadia Super Saver account, or Acadia Star Money Market account as collateral. We’ll “freeze” the amount you’d like to borrow and while the amount won’t be available for withdrawal, it will remain in your account and continue to earn dividends. Share-secured loans allow you to keep the money you have worked so hard for! As you pay down the loan, your funds become available to you again. A share-secured loan is also a great way to build or rebuild your credit score.

  • Does Acadia offer any discounts for loggers or logging equipment?

    Acadia FCU has a partnership with the Maine Forest Direct Link Program and can offer discounts on loans for qualifying logging equipment. The purpose of this financial incentive is to increase the use of of Forestry Best Management Practices (BMPs) and environmentally-friendly logging equipment in the logging industry. If you’re interested in more information, send an email to our Business Services Team at or visit this website.

  • Do you have a brochure for your commercial / business lending loans and services?

    Yes, you can download or view a copy of our Business Services brochure.

  • Does Acadia offer business loans?

    We sure do! We have a full team of commercial lenders ready to assist you with real estate purchases, operational, equipment loans, and so much more. Click here for more information on Business Real Estate Loans, Business Equipment Loans, and Business Operational Loans.

    You can also download a copy of our Business Services brochure for more information.

  • Can I make a loan payment using a debit card, credit card, or by ACH?

    Acadia will accept your loan payment via Express Pay, using a debit card or ACH using another financial institution. We are unable to accept credit cards as a payment type, due to regulations put forth by legislation. To make a payment via debit card or ACH, you can call us at 1-855-692-2234, contact us through Live Support in the lower right corner of our website, or take care of the payment yourself using our Web Payment Center,  hosted and managed by Bacon Pay/SWBC. Click “Register” if you don’t have a payment account set up.

    Keep in mind that you will be assessed a fee when you perform this self-guided transaction, which is $5 at the time of this posting (subject to change at any time). The maximum payment that can be made this way is $1,000. You will need to know your account number to register your Acadia FCU account for this service.

    For other ways to make a loan payment, check this page.

    Note: If you are unable to perform this self-guided service through the Web Payment Center and need an Acadia FCU Member Service Representative to assist you, the fee is $10 at the time of this posting (subject to change at any time).


  • Does Acadia have any loan offers or other promo or savings opportunities at this time?

    Check out this page to see what exciting specials or promotions Acadia has going on right now!

  • Where can I find Acadia’s disclosures or new account forms and applications?

    You can find all of Acadia’s important disclosures and various account applications right here.

  • Does Acadia offer Small Business Administration (SBA) loans?

    Yes, we do! As a SBA (Small Business Administration) Preferred Lender, we’re here to help small businesses overcome any challenges they face. Please call 1-855-MY-ACADIA (1-855-692-2234) or shoot an email to and someone on our Business Services Team will be sure to reach out. We’re here to help!

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There’s no greater feeling than working with a business and watching it succeed; it’s a partnership, their success story is our success story. Jim Pelletier, Commercial Loan Manager & Resident Mr. Fix-It