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We can be creative and flexible with our loans because (1) we’re an SBA Preferred Lender, (2) we offer FAME, and (3) we make the whole experience fast and painless:

We are an SBA (Small Business Administration) Preferred Lender. Unlike the big banks, we’re excited about working with small businesses. We have a special interest in providing small businesses loans and helping them grow. We applied to join the SBA’s network and we’ve been screened, evaluated, and stamped with the SBA’s approval.

We offer FAME (Finance Authority of Maine) guaranteed loans, specializing in the 3Fs: Forestry, Fishing, and Farming. This initiative’s goal is to provide access to capital so you can leverage Maine’s natural resources. This program provides subordinate (gap) financing to assist new entrants, and/or existing companies undertaking a project to materially expand their operations in the forestry, fishing, and farming industries.

We make the whole experience fast and painless. Our experienced staff often makes decisions within 48 hours. All of our loans are managed in-house, and you can set up automatic, recurring payments through our online banking portal.

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There’s no greater feeling than working with a business and watching it succeed; it’s a partnership, their success story is our success story. Jim Pelletier, Commercial Loan Manager & Resident Mr. Fix-It