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For maximum convenience, all our debit cards are compatible with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. You can also use them to withdraw money at any SURF ATM in the country without invoking a fee.

If you’re interested in Overdraft Protection, be sure to link your Savings Account with your Advantage Checking Account so that money is transferred automatically in case of a misstep. We offer this feature so you’ll never have to worry about NSF (non-sufficient funds) fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At what age can my child have their own Acadia FCU checking account with a debit card?

    The minimum age requirement for a share draft/checking account is 13 years of age, with the proper signatures from consenting adults/guardians. A debit card will also be provided by request.

  • What is the minimum age required to open a checking account with Acadia FCU?

    The minimum age requirement for a share draft/checking account is 13 years of age, with the proper signatures from consenting adults/guardians.

  • What is the most NSF fees Acadia will charge a member in a single day?

    As a member of Acadia FCU, the most NSF fees you could be charged in a single day is FOUR. Please consider opening an Overdraft Line of Credit or ask us about Courtesy Pay if you have concerns about incurring NSF charges.

  • Can Acadia FCU help me monitor my credit score or view my credit report?

    Yes, we sure can! From within your Acadia FCU Digital Banking portal, you can activate “Credit Score,” a free service for our members.  Powered by SavvyMoney, Credit Score will help you stay on top of your credit. It monitors your credit report daily and informs you by email if there are any big changes detected. Learn more by visiting the Credit Score product page on this site. You can also check out this video on your YouTube channel to learn more!

  • Can Acadia text me if there is suspicious activity on my account?

    Yes – if you enroll for texted fraud alerts, you will receive a text from our offsite fraud center to approve or deny a suspicious charge. Sometimes, these transactions are actually legitimate and your debit card gets blocked when it doesn’t really need to be. Learn more about this service here.

  • I want to know if my money is safe. Are Acadia FCU member accounts federally insured?

    The short answer is YES. Here are few important things to know about how Maine credit unions are protected:

    • Federally insured credit unions offer a safe place for credit union members to save money. These deposits are protected by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund and insured up to at least $250,000 per individual depositor – the same as any other federally insured financial institution.
    • Credit union deposits in federally insured credit unions are safe and secure, and all Maine credit unions are federally insured.
    • Credit union members have never lost a penny of insured savings at a federally insured credit union.
    • All Maine credit unions are regularly examined by financial regulators to ensure proper management and maintain the safety and soundness of members’ money within the institution.

    Visit for more information about the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund coverage for consumers. Download this informational brochure to help answer any other questions you may have.

  • Can teenagers open checking accounts and get their own debit cards?

    Yes, teens age 13 and older can open checking accounts and get a debit card, as long as there is a parent or guardian also on the account. The responsible adult will need to fill out a minor addendum stating that they are responsible for losses incurred on the minor’s savings and checking accounts. We love to see our younger members learning how to be responsible and are happy to help them, anytime!

  • Can I open a checking account with Acadia online?

    You certainly can open a checking account online! You can apply right here and indicate what type of account you want to open.

  • Where can I find Acadia’s disclosures or new account forms and applications?

    You can find all of Acadia’s important disclosures and various account applications right here.

  • How do you protect against fraud?

    Breaches normally occur at the processor or store level, and we’re set up to protect you. All Acadia FCU members have 0% liability when it comes to fraudulent transactions. If a merchant is breached or compromised and your card info is stolen, you will never be left unprotected.

    If you see questionable transactions on your account, please report them to any of our branches right away. We maintain state-of-the-art fraud protection to guard our members’ personal information around the clock.

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My family has five generations of members beginning with my grandmother all the way to my grandchildren. In 2008 when we lost our home to the flood, Acadia helped us move on with our lives. It was a time when we needed hope and answers, and Acadia was there. Bonita C., member since 2006