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Overdraft Line of Credit

APR*Credit Limit*
13.90%Subject to approval

One rate for all risk ratings

* Annual Percentage Rate

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We have three different Overdraft Protection options. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can sign up for one, two, or all three of them.

AUTO-TRANSFER: Auto-transfer links your checking account to your savings account. If you overdraw on a purchase, funds are automatically transferred from your savings account to cover the items from your checking account.

– No transfer fees
– No minimum balance required
– No limit (transfer as many times as you need to)
– Easy to get started (any Member Service Rep can add this feature to your account)

OVERDRAFT LINE OF CREDIT: You can apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit through one of our knowledgable loan officers. The line of credit sits there until you overdraw. Then, it auto-transfers funds into your checking account to cover the items that are attempting to clear.

– No fees
– Credit limit up to $10,000 (you can request how much you need)
– Competitive 13.90% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
– Minimum payment is $50 or 5% of the balance based on your last advance

COURTESY PAY: Courtesy Pay is like a safety net for your checking account. It is designed to cover those occasional withdrawals that would otherwise be returned due to insufficient funds. With Courtesy Pay, you’ll be charged $25 for each overdrawn item; you won’t be slammed with an additional fee from the merchant who processes your payment. Courtesy Pay is only provided at a member’s request.

– $300 maximum negative balance including Acadia’s $25 fees and totals of checks
– Maximum Service Charges (four per day)
– Minimum payment is $50 or 5% of the balance based on your last advance

To qualify for Courtesy Pay, your account must be in good standing and meet the following requirements: (1) Avoid excessive overdrafts; (2) Have no legal orders, levies, or liens against your account; (3) Have sufficient deposits so that your account has a positive end-of-day balance at least once every 30 calendar days.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find Acadia’s disclosures or new account forms and applications?

    You can find all of Acadia’s important disclosures and various account applications right here.

  • How do I avoid an overdraft on my account?

    1. Know how much money you have in your checking account by keeping your account register up to date. Record all checks when you write them. Don’t forget to subtract any fees.

    2. Record all transactions, including ATM withdrawals and fees, debit card purchases, and online payments.

    3. Don’t forget about automatic bill payments you may have set up for utilities, insurance, or other recurring payments.

    4. Keep an eye on your account balance. Remember that some checks and automatic payments may not have cleared yet. Set up eAlerts in online banking that will notify you via e-mail of your daily balance when your balance drops below an amount you specify and when a check has cleared.

    5. Review your account statements each month.

    6. Set up Auto-Transfer to cover bounced checks.

    7. Enroll in Acadia’s Courtesy Pay.

    8. Apply for Acadia’s Overdraft Line of Credit.

  • ​What options does Acadia offer for Overdraft Protection?

    We offer Auto-Transfer, Overdraft Line of Credit, and Courtesy Pay.

  • ​How does an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit work?

    If you have Overdraft Protection, instead of overdrawing your account or sending items back unpaid and charging an NSF fee, we’ll advance money from your Overdraft Line of Credit to pay those transactions, up to your available limit. The Overdraft Protection Line of Credit is a loan and any amounts advanced on the Line of Credit are subject to a finance charge. However, if paid regularly, it could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in NSF fees.

  • ​What is Courtesy Pay?

    Courtesy Pay is a service for qualifying members that allows us to pay certain checking account transactions when there are insufficient funds in your account. Debit transactions that qualify for Courtesy Pay protection are checks, ACH debits, and point of sale (Visa debit card). Courtesy Pay provides an added layer of protection on eligible checking accounts to help members avoid the embarrassment of “bounced” checks and declined point of sale transactions.

  • ​How does Courtesy Pay work?

    If your account is in good standing, and your other overdraft sources are not available, we will pay insufficient items up to $300. Your checking account will be overdrawn by the amount that you exceeded your balance plus the amount of the Courtesy Pay fee.

  • ​What is the cost for Courtesy Pay?

    There is a $25 fee assessed for each transaction that is paid via Courtesy Pay.

  • ​How long do I have to repay any overdrawn balance?

    You must make a deposit to repay the overdrawn balance within 10 business days.

  • ​What is the cost for Auto-Transfers from my savings account?

    This service is free.

  • ​How do I get started with Overdraft Protection?

    Speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable member service representatives. They can assist you with selecting the overdraft protection you need. You can reach them at (855) MY-ACADIA (855) 692-2234.

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