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Need to sign up for Acadia FCU’s Digital Banking? You’ve come to the right place!

Walk through the registration process right here!

Whether you are registering for Digital Banking for the very first time as a new account holder or re-registering as an existing member who hasn’t updated your account to our new platform (August 17, 2021) as of yet, you’ll see that it’s super-easy! Just take the time to read each screen and follow the steps.

Take the guided step-by-step registration tour right here! If you have trouble, please contact us by clicking the Live Support bubble in the lower right corner of this screen or by calling 1-855-692-2234. We’re happy to help in any way we can!


    • Posted by: Alison Smart

      Hi there! Someone will check in with you soon to see if you are all set. I hope the new platform will grow on you in time. Please reach out at any time if you need help or have questions. Thank you! Alison Smart, Marketing Manager

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