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FORT KENT, ME (Dec. 15, 2017) — With the aid of BloomCU, Acadia Federal Credit Union recently launched a new credit union website design (

Acadia FCU’s IT Specialist, Charles “Chaz” Pelletier and Marketing Manager, Alison Voisine, stand beside a large-screen display of the new Acadia FCU website homepage. The new website design and development project was spearheaded by Voisine, who worked in collaboration with Pelletier and BloomCU, a design agency based in Utah.

The new website was built around the credit union philosophy of “people helping people” and offers innovative additions aimed at pleasing long-time members and curious new visitors alike. Above all, the new site emphasizes Acadia’s culture of caring and the commitment of their staff to serving the credit union’s members and community.

When BloomCU first agreed to build the website for Acadia, they embarked on a detailed brand discovery journey. Acadia’s dedication and caring stood out to them. “Our greatest strength is our staff,” said Alison Voisine, Acadia’s Marketing Manager.  “We are relationship-builders, forward-thinkers, smile-makers, and dream-believers who come to work each day with a specific mission to positively impact our members.”

Once you land on Acadia’s new home page, the personal touch is immediately clear. The page shows a quote from Acadia Vice President Luis Sanclemente, who said, “Acadia’s goal is to help members no longer need to borrow money.” The home page also shows Acadia’s community outreach efforts by featuring posts about their efforts, from donating to Hurricane Relief funds to managing local food drives.

The updated credit union website design is now easier to navigate, so visitors can quickly find solutions to their needs. At the top of the homepage is a real-time search bar that enables users to find answers fast, because suggested pages and FAQs appear as you type. Furthermore, BloomCU conducted card sorting and usability studies to restructure the site’s organization in a way that’s more user-friendly, resulting in simple menus with slick icons.

One essential part of the new site is the updated staff page, which includes every member of Acadia’s staff, reflecting their belief that the employees of Acadia are the credit union’s greatest strength. The site’s imagery continues this people-centered trend: many of the images throughout the site are real photographs of Acadia’s staff and members, which demonstrates Acadia’s authenticity. “Working with Acadia FCU to design a new website was an absolute pleasure, which says a lot about the culture of their credit union,” said Derik Krauss, Director of BloomCU. “Also, I’m particularly impressed by the authentic photos Alison provided for the website because they perfectly portray the genuine nature of Acadia’s staff members.”

The new product pages feature a simple, elegant layout that presents important information in a way that’s easily digestible, even for visitors who aren’t familiar with more complex financial products, such as IRAs or Health Savings Accounts. Additional updates to the site include handy product comparison pages and an improved mobile experience.

The project was spearheaded by Voisine, who worked in collaboration with Acadia FCU’s IT Specialist, Charles Pelletier.

About Acadia FCU

Acadia Federal Credit Union is a member-owned financial institution that’s been investing in local communities since 1952. Today, they have eight branches in Maine, located in Fort Kent, Madawaska, St. Francis, St. Agatha, Ashland, Bangor, and Brewer. Their membership is now over 14,000 strong and assets total over $208 million. Staying true to their roots of service is deeply important to them, and they prioritize people over profits. They run their business around what they dub as their Holy Trinity: Members, Staff, and Community. Their mission statement today proudly states: Providing quality services, maintaining financial stability, and investing in our local communities.

About BloomCU

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Slopes, Utah-based BloomCU is a Diamond Award-winning design agency that marries stunning credit union website design with intelligent technology. With an eye for beauty and the brains to match, BloomCU generates flawless designs that incorporate cutting-edge tech, like real-time personalization and chatbots, to create crush-worthy websites for credit unions.


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