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Rates & Fees

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)—Introductory Rates

Loan Term 10% Down, As Low As* 20% Down, As Low As*
1 Year Lock5.50%4.50%
3 Year Lock5.75%4.75%
5 Year Lock6.00%5.00%
7 Year Lock6.25%5.25%

* Actual rate determined by credit score

Residential Mortgage—Fixed Rates

Loan Term10% Down, As Low As*20% Down, As Low As*
10 Years6.00%5.50%
15 Years6.50%6.00%
20 Years7.25%6.75%
30 Years7.50%7.00%

* Actual rate determined by credit score

Flex Mortgage Rates

Loan TermAPR* Payback
3 Year Lock5.50%.75%

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)—Variable Rates

Loan Type APR* Payback
Home Equity Zero5.50% 1.00%

Home Equity Loans—Fixed Rates

Loan TypeLoan Term10% Down20% Down
Home Equity X 10 Years6.00%5.50%
Home Equity XV15 Years6.50%6.00%
Home Equity XX20 Years7.25%6.75%

New Mobile Home—Fixed Rates

Loan Term10% Down
10 Years 8.85%
15 Years9.35%
20 Years9.60%

Used Mobile Home—Fixed Rates

Loan Term10% Down
5 Years10.75%
8 Years10.75%
10 Years10.25%
15 Years10.25%

Loan Calculator

Format: 12M, 36M, 3Y, 7Y

More Info

We want your home loan experience to be a great one.

That’s why we do helpful things like let you apply extra payments directly to the principal balance of your loan or use our Digital Banking service to set up recurring payments and monitor the progress of your home loan. We also offer optional debt protection and, not to brag, but our member service is the best in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make a loan payment using a debit card, credit card, or by ACH?

    Yes, Acadia will accept your loan payment via Express Pay, using a non-Visa credit card, debit card, or ACH using another financial institution. You can call us at 1-855-692-2234 to initiate this, contact us through Live Support in the lower right corner of our website, or take care of the payment yourself using our Web Payment Center, hosted and managed by Bacon Pay. Click “Register” if you don’t have a payment account set up.

    Keep in mind that you will be assessed a fee when you perform this transaction, which is $2.75 at the time of this posting (subject to change at any time). The maximum payment that can be made this way is $1,000 (subject to change at any time).

    You will need to know your account number to register your Acadia FCU account for this service. You may pay using Visa debit cards and many major credit cards; Visa credit card payments are not accepted.

    Please note: Effective September 1, 2022, the fees will increase to $8.50 for a MSR-assisted payment through the Web Payment Center. A $4 fee will be assessed to those members who use the self-guided service through our Web Payment Center.

  • Does Acadia FCU offer home equity loans and/or a home equity line of credit (HELOC)?

    We sure do! Please contact our lending department for more information. You may see the current rates here.

  • Does Acadia have any loan offers or other promo or savings opportunities at this time?

    Check out this page to see what exciting specials or promotions Acadia has going on right now!

  • Where can I find Acadia’s disclosures or new account forms and applications?

    You can find all of Acadia’s important disclosures and various account applications right here.

  • What other home loan options are available?

    We also offer the following:

    Home Equity Line of Credit – An open line of credit where you can use some or all of the credit limit. Depending on your balance, monthly payments may fluctuate. Many people use this for home repairs, upgrades, renovations, additions, and more.

    Construction Loan – Typically used for new “Stick-Built” or “Pre-Fab” homes, garages, sheds, or additions, this loan has flexible financing options for construction projects at your new or existing home.

    Flex Mortgage – With the flexibility of a Home Equity Line of Credit and the security of a mortgage, this loan will reduce your monthly payments but extend the term up to 20 years. Applicants must have 25% equity in order to be eligible for this type of loan. There is a $100,000 limit.

    Fixed Home Equity Loan – This type of loan is typically used for home repairs, renovations, upgrades, and more, but is different from a Home Equity Line of Credit because of its fixed loan amount and fixed payments schedule.

  • Do all the borrowers on the mortgage need to be members?​

    Yes, borrowers must be the primary holder on an Acadia FCU account. A joint member will need to open their own account so they are the primary member.

  • ​What documentation do I need to provide?

    You will need to bring your last two years of tax returns and W-2’s and the last 30 days of pay stubs from your current employer.

    If this is a PURCHASE, please also bring your Purchase and Sale Agreement, a listing information from a real estate agent, and your real estate tax information.

    If this is a REFINANCE, we’ll need your latest mortgage statement showing balance owed, your homeowners insurance policy ‘Declaration’ page, and your real estate tax bill.

    If this is a HOME EQUITY LOAN or LINE OF CREDIT request, we’ll need your mortgage statement with the balance of first mortgage, the homeowners insurance policy ‘Declaration’ page, the real estate tax bill, and estimates for repairs or improvements that will be done.

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Acadia FCU provided exceptional service throughout the whole process of purchasing our new home. Knowing that our mortgage will be held locally rather than sold on the secondary market reassured us that we will always have personalized service. Within a few weeks, rather than months, we were sitting happily in our new home! Erik & Catherine S., members since 2017