Courtesy Pay is like a safety net for your checking account! It is designed to cover those occasional withdrawals that would otherwise be returned due to insufficient funds. Courtesy Pay is only provided at a member’s request.

Courtesy Pay Woman


  • Service Charge: $20 for each overdrawn item that posts to your account – the good news is that you will not be slammed with an additional fee from the merchant who processes your payment
  • Maximum Service Charges: 4 per day
  • Account Status: Your account must be in “good standing” and meet the following requirements: (1) Avoid excessive overdrafts; (2) Have no legal orders, levies, or liens against your account; (3) Have sufficient deposits so that your account has a positive end-of-day balance at least once every 30 calendar days
At Acadia Federal Credit Union, we encourage our members to manage their accounts responsibly, but we also support them with overdraft protection services. Consider linking your savings account to your checking account or enrolling in Draft-O-Matic Overdraft Protection.