Mobility Matters: Quick and Easy Ways to Pay

Using the digital wallet on your mobile device means you can securely store your Acadia FCU credit and debit card details to make secure purchases. Your card number is never stored or shared with merchants. Instead, ‘tokenization’ is used to secure contactless payments. Tokenization replaces personal account numbers with a randomly-generated number, called a token. The token is specific to a given device and cannot be used fraudulently on any other device. All Apple Pay and Android Pay transactions are completed using ‘Near field communication’ (NFC). 

Apple Pay®— Acadia’s Visa debit and credit cards work with Apple Pay. Simply look for the Pay Wave® or Apple Pay symbol at checkout, hold your smartphone near the contactless reader, and place your finger on the Touch IDTM until it vibrates and beeps.

Android PayTM— At this time, Acadia debit cards work with Android Pay, with credit card support coming in the near future. Android Pay works where you see the Android Pay or the Pay Wave® logo. Simply unlock your phone, place it near the retailer’s terminal, and tap. When the green checkmark appears on-screen, the transaction is complete.

Samsung PayTM — Acadia debit cards work with Samsung Pay, with credit card support coming in the near future. Samsung Pay uses a second technology besides NFC, called ‘Magnetic Secure Transmission’ (MST).

This means that it works virtually anywhere you can swipe a card at payment terminals, including old-school magnetic card readers. Simply swipe up to launch Samsung Pay, authenticate with your fingerprint, and hover your phone near the card reader until the transaction is confirmed. It’s that easy!

Be sure to set your Acadia card as the default or first choice in your mobile wallet!